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Greetings and welcome! Here at, we feel that emergency preparedness should strive for more than just bare survival through a crisis. We aim higher. We try to learn, grow stronger and prevail over each crisis so that we're better prepared for the next one. We also feel that our survival depends more on how we cope with each challenge than on the challenge itself. (See Survival Stategies for the New Millennium.)

The Marines are world-class experts at survival and exemplify this approach. They are trained to use their creativity to adapt, innovate and overcome--and to remain as calm and comfortable as possible during the crisis. This will create a state of mind most conducive to clear and creative thinking. Similarly, at, our goal is to provide innovative products and adaptive education that will enable our subscribers to stay calm and overcome the emergency. Hopefully, we'll have a little fun along the way, too.

The first step toward achieving our goal is The emergency beer kiT. It aims at helping our  customers remain calm and comfortable during an emergency. We've looked at many emergency preparedness plans which typically recommend stockpiling such spartan provisions as dried beans, rice and duct tape. Beer, however, or the means to brew beer, is conspicuously absent! This could lead to a grim situation and increase the level of stress during an emergency. The unintentional teetotalers who subscribe to the typical emergency preparedness plan will thus find it more difficult to remain calm and comfortable during a crisis. They will also experience remorse and regret when they discover they've been inadvertently set up to be hapless, thirsty victims of an emergency!

A supply of fresh beer is not a good long-term solution either, because it will go stale after a few months of storage. The alternative to fresh beer is a beer brewing kit. However, our survey of existing kits found that they were not designed for shelf stability or longevity. The typical kits would   suffer quality degradation over an extended shelf time resulting in stale, off-tasting hop flavors and  yeast appearing DOA (dead on arrival) when re-hydrated.  Thus, there was a need for a very shelf-stable, high quality beer brewing kit in any emergency preparedness plan that aimed to assure a supply of good, drinkable beer.  The Emergency Beer Kit was designed to satisfy this need.

The emergency beer REFILL kiT contains sufficient ingredients to brew 2 more gallons of delicious beer while re-using the durable brewing equipment contained in the original Emergency Beer Kit. The Refill Kit will help to assure a continued calm and comfortable state during an emergency. A good emergency beer preparedness plan would include one or two Emergency Beer Kits and several Emergency Beer Refill Kits.

You will find that we have greatly simplified the brewing process and extended the shelf-life of these kits by using advanced ingredient preparation and packaging. This enables the novice home-brewer to brew very good beer even if the kit has been in storage for a year. In keeping with our goal to help the customer to learn, grow stronger and prevail over an emergency, we have also emphasized education in the instructions to the Emergency Beer Kits. We explain in simple terms the how and why of each brewing step to assure increased understanding and success. We also provide innovative solutions to adapt common kitchenware to the brewing process. These solutions help to both keep the price down and provide the subscriber with a greater range of successful outcomes.

The emergency beer muG is a very special mug made of space-age impact-resistant Glow-in-the-Dark material. This mug will substantially lower the risk of misplacing your beer during an emergency. It's Glow-in-the-Dark feature will also help to prevent the tragedy of accidentally spilling your beer while groping around in the dark looking for it.



Our Fourth product has a somewhat longer time horizon but is still in keeping with the theme of advanced planning and emergency preparedness. It's a video called SECRETS OF GROWING YOUR OWN HOPS, and it will thoroughly educate the viewer on all aspects of planting, cultivating and propagating hops for use in brewing beer.



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